Kirk Pfeiffer, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

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Kirk is one of the most talented and recognized Eastern Medicine specialists in San Diego. His extensive background in acupuncture and herbal medicine, along with an advanced graduate degree in medical massage, provides him a unique set of skills to help heal clients. Kirk has trained with some of the top leaders in his field completing a fellowship with Dr. Richard Tan, Master Acupuncturist, author and founder of the “Balance Method” – a powerful pain relief technique. Kirk has also studied with Matt Callison, a pioneer in orthopedic acupuncture and sports rehab. Kirk’s passion and dedication to getting clients fast, lasting results has earned him a dedicated following and well regarded reputation. Kirk specializes in acute disorders, longevity tonics, pain management, sports injury, herbology, stress-relief and HIV wellness.

Kirk is known for setting newcomers to acupuncture at ease. He explains the process in a language people can understand and answers those questions we all have. He also has a great way with explaining what is happening on the body with the use of analogy. Sometimes describing problems with shoulder pain to a 50 year old mechanic using the analogy of the front suspension being out of alignment causing the tires to ware incorrectly, or when working with computer people, he has a plethora of analogies to use because acupuncture can be seen very easily as changing the software in the body to correct aspects that are out of balance. His warm hearted nature and sensitive touch make him a perfect candidate for acupuncture first timers. He will leave you with good music, the right temperature and a bell in your hand as you relax into your treatment.

Although we have quite a few great massage therapists working at the Massage Collective at Uptown Acupuncture, none of them quite have the hands of Kirk. After years of working construction, then owning and running his car detail business for 7 years, Kirk has some of the strongest hands in the business. He has been doing massage for 10 years and works primarily with chronic pain and Sports Injuries. His work is intense, but he can untie knots that have been is shoulders for years. His work is not for everyone, but for the right person with the right problem, his deep tissue work has been called a miracle.

With his patient personality, strong body of knowledge, and skilled hands, you are sure to have a pleasant experience and excellent results from his treatments.

Kirk’s hobbies outside of Uptown Acupuncture include Pilates, gourmet cooking, and tennis.

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