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Unleash your athletic potential and enhance your natural beauty with our acupuncture services for sports therapy and cosmetic improvement.

Kirk Pfeiffer

Kirk Pfeiffer Licensed Acupuncturist

Who I am and what I am about
For over 20 years, I have dedicated my life to the service of others. 


With a light heart and an effervescent personality, I use my expanding skillset to help my clients be the best versions of themselves.  I pride myself on the diversity of my clientele and my ability to hold a no judgment space that has my clients feel free to express what is not working for them. 


Young or old, any race, gender, orientation or belief system are welcome.  I have been around the sun a few times and have lots of pearls of wisdom to share with you... and with elegance and confidence I  sit in the mud with you and help you out of it.


This collagen induction therapy is the most potent natural anti-aging cosmetic beauty technique available, best done in a series of 4-6 monthly treatments. It supports underlying skin structure, providing young and vital-looking skin.


Kirk's 20+ years of experience makes him skilled in getting you back to optimal health. We can help with back pain, neck pain, acute/chronic injuries, TMJ, headaches, shoulder and hip issues - we've got you covered. For best results, we recommend starting with six treatments over three weeks.


Experience the perfect fusion of Eastern medicine and Western skincare technology with our 90-minute  treatment. This natural and effective session combines body/facial acupuncture with other modalities described below. Recommended series of 12 weekly treatments.


Do you have issues in your tissues? We can help you free yourself from them. Our proven techniques include cupping, gua sha, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), percussion massage therapy, soft tissue bodywork, kenisotaping, exercise education and PNF stretching.

"Diligence and consistency of self care is your responsibility to your future. It would be my honor to be of service to you on your journey."

- Kirk Pfeiffer L. Ac.

Cosmetic Facial Rejuvination

Using our specialized techniques, we effectively strengthen the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance muscle tone, and improve complexion, resulting in a revitalized and more radiant appearance. After dedicating himself to acupuncture for over two decades, Kirk found his passion for cosmetic acupuncture ignited. Eager to expand his expertise, he pursued enrollment in the prestigious FACE program at Pacific College. This exclusive educational program specializes in a wide array of facial techniques, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge. By harnessing the power of acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping, LED therapy, microcurrent, and more, these multifaceted techniques work synergistically to revitalize the skin. The transformative effects of this approach are remarkable. Through fortifying the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving muscle tone, and enhancing the complexion, we accomplish these results without resorting to fillers or invasive procedures. Our ultimate objective lies in achieving facial harmony by catering to each individual's unique constitution, allowing their inner beauty to radiate outward. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture surpasses the mere superficiality of traditional beauty treatments. It embraces a holistic approach that encompasses the enhancement of overall well-being. By considering the interconnection of the body, mind, and spirit, we not only foster a more youthful appearance but also promote a profound sense of inner balance and vitality. Through our comprehensive and compassionate care, we strive to empower our clients to embrace their truest and most vibrant selves.


Experience the transformative effects of micro needling with our recommended course of 4 or more monthly treatments, yielding long-lasting results that can span years. Rest assured, our procedure is safe for individuals with dark skin tones. During a microneedling session, the following steps are typically taken: Initial consultation: Before the treatment begins, we conduct an intake process that includes taking before photos and discussing your main focus. We also go over your health, lifestyle, and skin history, including tongue and pulse diagnostics, to understand any imbalances in your system. Set-up: Our microneedling sessions are designed to provide a relaxing experience similar to a massage. You'll be asked to undress to your comfort level and settle between soft sheets on a heated, padded massage table. Skin preparation: We start by cleansing your skin and applying a light numbing cream to the targeted area. While the cream takes effect, we address any additional health concerns, check your tongue and pulse, and apply body and ear acupuncture points to support your treatment and promote relaxation. Microneedling procedure: After removing the numbing cream, we prepare the skin with toner and serum before commencing the microneedling process. This step is generally quick, and most clients report experiencing little to no pain. Soothing mask and massage: Following the microneedling, we apply a soothing and cooling sheet mask. While the mask works its magic, we provide a lymphatic draining chest, neck, and scalp massage to enhance the overall experience and benefits of the treatment. We prioritize the use of toxin-free, cruelty-free, plant-based, and organic skincare products whenever possible. Treatment plan and maintenance: Depending on your goals, achieving optimal results may require multiple sessions spaced one month apart. For recurring concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or dark spots, single tune-up visits every 6 months or another series of treatments may be necessary. Acupuncture facials and nano-needling can also be performed between microneedling sessions for added benefits. Results and longevity: Visible improvements can be observed as early as two weeks after the treatment, although it may take up to a month for complete cell turnover. With proper care, lifestyle adjustments, and routine tune-up visits, results can last up to 5 years for recurring concerns. In the case of scars, results can be permanent. Please note that the specific steps and protocols may vary between practitioners. It's always advisable to consult with a qualified professional to determine the best approach for your individual needs and goals.

Physical Modalities

Sometimes direct interaction with the tissues through physical conversation is necessary to effectively address the problem. Cupping, Gua Sha, and various bodywork tools are utilized, effectively breaking up stagnation and restoring unrestricted tissue movement. At our acupuncture practice, we offer a range of physical modalities to enhance your well-being. Here are some modalities we provide: Bodywork/massage: The is not a spa massage, we utilize strong massage techniques to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and improve circulation throughout the body. These techniques are applied to patient comfort. Cupping: This ancient therapy involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, which helps to relieve muscle tightness, stimulate blood flow, and promote healing. Gua Sha: Using a smooth tool, our practitioners gently scrape the skin to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and release muscle tension and facisa adhesions. Impact massage gun: We employ a handheld massage gun that delivers rapid pulses to targeted areas, providing deep muscle relaxation and alleviating muscle soreness. Stretching: We incorporate therapeutic stretching techniques to improve flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and enhance range of motion. Corrective exercises: We guide you through specific exercises tailored to address imbalances, improve posture, and support your overall physical well-being. Kinesiotaping: By applying elastic therapeutic tape to affected areas, we provide support, stability, and pain relief while promoting natural movement. Infrared heat lamp: This non-invasive heat therapy penetrates deep into tissues, promoting relaxation, increasing blood flow, and relieving muscle pain and stiffness. External liniments: We offer topical herbal liniments that can be applied externally to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and support the healing process. Each of these physical modalities can complement acupuncture treatments and contribute to your overall health and wellness journey.

Orthopedic & Pain Relief

Why is acupunture is still one of the most widely regarded ancient healing modality still performed today? It's a signaling system effective for pain management, stress reduction, improving sleep quality, and addressing mental health concerns. We specialize in a wide range of acupuncture treatments to address various health conditions. With a particular focus on orthopedic acupuncture and stress reduction acupuncture, we are dedicated to helping our clients find relief and achieve optimal well-being. Orthopedic acupuncture is a specialized branch that targets musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, sports-related injuries, or postural imbalances, we utilize acupuncture techniques to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility. We work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific orthopedic needs, aiming to restore function and enhance your quality of life. Stress reduction acupuncture is another area of expertise at our practice. In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a common health concern. Our acupuncture treatments focus on calming the nervous system, reducing anxiety, and restoring balance to the body and mind. By targeting specific acupuncture points, we help release tension, promote relaxation, and support overall stress reduction. Our goal is to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and inner harmony, enabling you to better cope with the demands of everyday life. In addition to our specialization in orthopedic acupuncture and stress reduction, we offer acupuncture treatments for various other health conditions. Whether you're seeking relief from digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, or other concerns, we apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to provide effective acupuncture treatments tailored to your specific needs. At our practice, we prioritize your well-being and strive to create a comfortable and supportive environment. We take a holistic approach, considering your unique health history, lifestyle, and goals to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. With our dedication to helping you achieve optimal health, we are committed to supporting you on your journey to wellness. Experience the transformative power of acupuncture and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.


I believe we are here to do good. It is the responsibility of every human to aspire to do something worthwhile, to make the world a better place than the one we found.

 - Albert Einstein

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